The Fall of the Rising Sun

The sun rises. And the monster of social media takes over.


Hey guys! Junior year has finally started and the classes are getting really intense, so my posts are going to get less frequent now unfortunately. Here’s another free verse poem though enjoy!

The sun rises.
Her eyes blink open.
Instantly, her fingers reach for her phone,
like a dying man reaching for salvation,
a mindless action
performed by a brainwashed mind.

She opens Insta.
But the coveted barrage of likes
remains hidden by the clouds of existence.
Her self-esteem,
measured in those little pink hearts,

She clicks on her chats.
No new texts either.
A single word jumps out at her,
its four potent letters
mocking her very existence —


And before the day has even begun,
her heart has sunk
into the inky black depths
of a vast and evil ocean;

her heart has sunk,
and dragged the sun down with it.

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The Rise of the Falling Sun

Hang On

He was hanging off a bridge…

Hey again! I believe I’ve successfully broken through my writer’s block! Tonight’s a double feature with another free verse poem that’s straight from the heart. Hope you enjoy!

The first time I saw him,
he was hanging off a bridge.
I rushed over and bent down,
reaching out to grab his hand.
His long fingers interlocked with mine,
and for a brief moment,
all was okay.
All was ecstasy.

Then, his fingers started slipping,
s l o w l y,
but surely.
I strained frantically,
sobbing and screaming simultaneously,
trying to maintain some hold on him —
And all the while,
he kept slackly slipping
further and further out of my grasp.

An eon later,
an eon of mind-numbing pain later,
the connection was severed;
And as I watched him fall away,
vision barred with gemlike teardrops,
it dawned on me:

He had never attempted to hang on.

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Hang On

Her Galaxy (Tanka)

Her eyes encompass a galaxy of their own…

Hey guys! I’ve been experiencing writer’s block recently, which is why I haven’t written poetry in so long. Here’s a ‘Tanka’ (See Intertwined Petals (Tanka)) I wrote that comes straight from the heart. Hope you enjoy!

Her eyes encompass

a galaxy of their own;

Chocolatey swirls,

flecked with raw emotion —

Profound pools of untold stories.

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Her Galaxy.jpg

The Wardrobe of Love (Conceit Poem)

Our love is the wardrobe
ensconced in the corner of your chamber.

Hey everyone! Here’s another poem I wrote as an assignment for the online course I’m taking (Sharpened Visions: A Poetry Workshop). “A ‘Conceit’ is like an extended metaphor, but it argues for the metaphor itself.” One of the most famous examples of a Conceit Poem is John Donne’s The Flea, where he argues that a flea is a marriage bed. Here I tried to make the metaphor between the wardrobe and love as easy to interpret as possible. I would love any advice I can get on how to improve this poem. Hope you enjoy!

Our love is the wardrobe
ensconced in the corner of your chamber.

Before you hung your vestments within it,
‘twas a lifeless, empty void,
like the black heart of Voldemort,
utter oblivion —
And so was my world
before you entered it.

That first day when you went to the store
and opened up the wardrobe’s door,
you brought in the winged fairy of hope —
to its world and to my own,
that first night I saw you
across the musty bar.

With your clothes safely nestled
within its tender folds,

the wardrobe is now vibrant,
colorful and brilliant —
You were our rainbow
in the calm after the storm.

And now it holds our garments together,
dangling in glorious limbo,
jostling, colliding, ensnaring,
meshing with an inexplicable pull —
’Tis the greatest symbol
of our hearts intertwined.

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The Wardrobe of Love

Lifetimes (Alexandrine)

A lifetime can consist of ten years or ten days…

Hey Y’all! The ‘Alexandrine’ is another famous form of French poetry consisting of 12-syllabic lines with a caesura (natural pause) in between the two sets of 6 syllables. Here I’ve made every ‘Alexandrine’ line rhyme with each other, but the rhyme isn’t necessary. Hope you enjoy!

A lifetime can consist
     Of ten years or ten days;
The memories we make
     And the sights that we gaze,
The people that we cross
     Paths with along our ways —
They’re what truly dictate
     Our lifetime’s greatest phase.

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A Lifetime

Intertwined Petals (Tanka)

Petals reached out, intertwined…

Hey guys! I decided to give a few more poetic forms a try, and the ‘Tanka’ is one of the most famous ones that I haven’t attempted yet! The Tanka is a Japanese poetic form of five lines with 5, 7, 5, 7, and 7 syllables — 31 in all. This particular ‘Tanka’ may seem like it’s about nature, but as is true of all poems, it holds a much deeper meaning. See if you can figure it out. Hope you enjoy!

At once, in a flash,
Petals reached out, intertwined;
Two different flowers
Come together as one sole
Phenomenon of nature.

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SLTC 2018

The best ten days of my life.

Hey everyone! Apologies for my extended leave of absence: I’ve just returned from a 10 day (sort of) school camp in Athens, Greece. 100 students from SABIS (our network’s name) schools all over the world gathered in Athens for the ‘SLTC’ (Student Life Training Conference), where we spent the mornings and afternoons brainstorming ways to improve our schools and then the evenings touring the city. It was truly one of the best experiences of my life, and here’s a poem I wrote about our experience there.

Ten days ago, I never thought
My life could change so much;
This trip has been all that I sought,
Mem’ries I’ll always clutch.

From start to end, this has been a
Series of fun events;
Bonding galore within just a
Ten day meager segment.

From almost falling out of bed
To loud alarms, mid-yawn,
To rushing to get into bed
Before the curfew’s dawn.

The lengthy walks we’ve taken here,
The conferences too,
Have been the core of our sphere
Of joy and allies new.

This camp has shown me that I’m part
Of a community;
A hundred well-connected hearts —
A real coterie.

The treasure I’ve found in this cove
Is priceless and so rare:
Brothers and sisters in a trove,
And heroes, a fair share.

So here’s to our great SLCs*
Who’ve made our flowers bloom,
And Mr. Roger**, the fresh breeze
Who brightens every room.

All the decisions that we take
Prove we’ll make our schools proud;
‘A difference together we make’***…
One team can change the crowd.

*SLCs: The Student Life Coordinators or “teachers” who manage all the student activities in every school.
**Mr. Roger: The conference leader and a truly inspirational man who every student at the SLTC aspires to become.
***The SABIS motto is “Together we make a difference” so I thought I would incorporate that here.

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SLTC Group Pic 1 JPEG.jpg