Floating Clouds (Tetractys)

So free …

Hey everyone! The ‘Tetractys’ is a poetic form consisting of at least 5 lines, with a syllable breakdown of 1/2/3/4/10 syllables (a total of 20 syllables). Hope you enjoy!

So free
Float across
The morning sky;
And we, burdened souls, don’t even look up.

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Author: Anacrazyfuturewriter

Hey everyone! I'm a tenth-grade poetry enthusiast, Harry Potter aficionado, and public speaking connoisseur. My poems aim to convey the profound philosophical thoughts that come to me when I'm playing a game of chess or watching an episode of the Big Bang Theory. I love experimenting with new forms and styles of poetry, so you just might find yourself improving your own repertoire of poetic formats as you browse through this blog. Thanks for reading!

14 thoughts on “Floating Clouds (Tetractys)”

  1. Sometimes those of us unburdened by our phones do look up! but I agree, most don’t. The photo works well with the words, too. (K)

  2. My first thought was, “Wow!” I do happen to be a sky-gazer, but I’m amazed at how many small wonders go unnoticed when I’m preoccupied with my petty concerns. I love your contrast between the freedom of the clouds and our personal bondage, whether voluntary or not. And your form is immaculate. Keep writing!

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