Kismet (Kyrielle)

The future — An obscure ocean
With turbid waters …

Hey everyone! How are you all doing? The ‘Kyrielle’ is an originally French form of rhyming poetry written in quatrains, where the last line each quatrain is a refrain or repeating line. Each line in the poem is limited to a meter of 8 syllables, and the rhyme scheme is typically abab or aabb. Hope you enjoy!

The future — An obscure ocean
With turbid waters — A potion
Infused with prophecies dour;
Kismet lies beyond our power.

Yet, decisions need to be made,
Weighty resolves of utmost staid —
But how, when the very next hour,
Kismet lies beyond our power.

Uncertainty reigns in our minds,
For the morrow is veiled with blinds;
As mortals that feebly flower,
Kismet lies beyond our power.

Hence we must forget our sorrows —
Shrug off the load of the morrow,
Stand up tall and do not cower…
Kismet lies beyond our power.

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Author: Anacrazyfuturewriter

Hey everyone! I'm a tenth-grade poetry enthusiast, Harry Potter aficionado, and public speaking connoisseur. My poems aim to convey the profound philosophical thoughts that come to me when I'm playing a game of chess or watching an episode of the Big Bang Theory. I love experimenting with new forms and styles of poetry, so you just might find yourself improving your own repertoire of poetic formats as you browse through this blog. Thanks for reading!

23 thoughts on “Kismet (Kyrielle)”

  1. Hello 🙂 I like it. It flows well and you’ve nailed the rhyming scheme. One small alteration that struck me MIGHT be changing “We’re mere mortals, and that flower” to “As Mortals that fleetingly flower”. You wouldn’t need the ….. as the sentence would ‘flow’ more smoothly. Perhaps? what do YOU think?

          1. I love that you conquer each form you choose to write in. I can tell that writing is a large part of who you are and that you have a lot to say. Here’s to writing a storm from now until there is no more. 🙂

  2. Thanks for coming over to visit my blog! I thought I’s return the favor. You are writing some lovely poems. It is difficult for me to write without self-censoring. So many times my poetry lacks a certain “fire” that springs from raw emotion. I do try to overcome this issue. I really like this one. The theme is solid and you really have an excellent refrain. My only criticism is that a Kyrielle by definition has 4 stanzas and this one has 3… I bet you could come up with a 4th stanza that would bring this poem full circle!

    1. Your poetry sounds amazing nonetheless! Oh wow, I had no idea! I usually use the site to look up different forms of poetry, and it says there that a Kyrielle has 3+ stanzas. I’ll look it up again. Thanks!

  3. I really like your direction of this poem, powerful theme! Couple of places I might have tried something different, “Weighty resolves of utmost staid” ends on an adjective. I’m probably a sleep-deprived idiot and it’s just reading rough in my head (I think because of the “of utmost”).

    Also, an alternative.. “Stand up tall and do not cower…” Or something.

    Love your form, nailed the kyrielle!

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