The Raven of Rebellion

One beak with the malice of all evil.


With the black raven of rebellion
perched on her shoulder,
Sarah snuck out of the house,
heeding all that it told her.

She climbed down the fire escape
in the inky black midnight void,
succumbing to the dark hisses
that the heinous raven so enjoyed.

She ventured into the vile lair
of beer and demon’s spawn,
lusting for a taste of freedom
and the raven’s promised con.

But one taste left her addicted,
a fatally infatuated vampire
drawn to every droplet of blood,
engulfed in unbounded desire.

And once her thirst had been sated,
fangs dripping onto the broken rubble,
she found herself alone and stranded,
her once virtuous world dissolved into trouble.

One beak had burst her bubble.

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The Raven of Rebellion

Author: Anacrazyfuturewriter

Hey everyone! I'm a tenth-grade poetry enthusiast, Harry Potter aficionado, and public speaking connoisseur. My poems aim to convey the profound philosophical thoughts that come to me when I'm playing a game of chess or watching an episode of the Big Bang Theory. I love experimenting with new forms and styles of poetry, so you just might find yourself improving your own repertoire of poetic formats as you browse through this blog. Thanks for reading!

7 thoughts on “The Raven of Rebellion”

  1. Very dark. But then I went through a depressing dark and morbid phase in my early teens. I actually like it except for the last line – I’m not clear how the raven “burst her bubble” since it was the reason she was lead astray. Further exposition?

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