Metamorphosis (Terza Rima)

A metaphorical poem about the transformation a caterpillar undergoes to change into a butterfly.

Hey Y’all! This metaphorical poem is written in Terza Rima, a poetic style consisting of three-line stanzas using a chain-like rhyme scheme in the pattern of aba bcb cdc ded etc. It typically ends with a couplet or single line repeating the rhyme of the middle line of the final tercet. Hope you enjoy!

During its challenging quest to transform
Into a spectacular butterfly,
The caterpillar hides in a cozy dorm

Fashioned out of an endless supply
Of silk as stately as a cathedral’s dome —
Perfect for the larva to hang in up high.

The chrysalis serves as its makeshift home;
Ages spent in stable lodgings of silk,
Spent in hiding from the world to roam. 

It hides from those who aim only to bilk,
Who wish for nothing but the absolute worst…
Yea it hides from those of that ilk!

But while the larva remains entirely immersed,
Barricaded from the many prying eyes,
It dreams only of the outside world; It thirsts

For the brilliant vista of the sun’s rise,
The flowers in bloom and the birds atwitter,
Flying against a backdrop of empyreal skies.

But while it remains a hapless sitter,
The caterpillar blooms into a sublime
Butterfly as it matures and grows fitter.

Then comes the day, the much awaited time,
When it bursts out at last, revealing its worth
As a beauteous butterfly at its prime.


’Tis forsooth the greatest sorrow of the earth
That the larva doth hide until its rebirth.

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