Fiery Eyes

Your eyes are the key to everything.

Hey everyone! I can’t believe I haven’t uploaded in over a month… The workload of eleventh grade is outrageous! Anyway, here’s an attempt to finally end the drought of poetry. Hope you enjoy!

Your eyes are the key to everything.

Even in the midst of a battlefield,
bleeding from gashes all over,
so long as your eyes burn bright,
You prevail.

But the moment they lose their spark,
the instant their light burns out,
the second they show the hurt within,

The world has won.
And you have lost.

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Blazing Eyes

Vanilla Splinters

Your vanilla essence permeates my soul…

Hey guys! Here’s a free verse poem I attempted on the theme of love. Let me know if you enjoyed the change of mood between the two stanzas. Hope you enjoy!

You are the sunshine in the midst of my storm,
The shining diamond in my bed of coal;
The yin to my yang, the white to my black —
Your vanilla essence permeates my soul.

Yet I am the cloud that covers your light,
The thorn in your gorgeous stem of rose;
The night to your day, the rain to your sun —
A splinter buried deep under your clothes.

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Vanilla Splinters

The Fall of the Rising Sun

The sun rises. And the monster of social media takes over.

Hey guys! Junior year has finally started and the classes are getting really intense, so my posts are going to get less frequent now unfortunately. Here’s another free verse poem though enjoy!

The sun rises.
Her eyes blink open.
Instantly, her fingers reach for her phone,
like a dying man reaching for salvation,
a mindless action
performed by a brainwashed mind.

She opens Insta.
But the coveted barrage of likes
remains hidden by the clouds of existence.
Her self-esteem,
measured in those little pink hearts,

She clicks on her chats.
No new texts either.
A single word jumps out at her,
its four potent letters
mocking her very existence —


And before the day has even begun,
her heart has sunk
into the inky black depths
of a vast and evil ocean;

her heart has sunk,
and dragged the sun down with it.

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The Rise of the Falling Sun

Hang On

He was hanging off a bridge…

Hey again! I believe I’ve successfully broken through my writer’s block! Tonight’s a double feature with another free verse poem that’s straight from the heart. Hope you enjoy!

The first time I saw him,
he was hanging off a bridge.
I rushed over and bent down,
reaching out to grab his hand.
His long fingers interlocked with mine,
and for a brief moment,
all was okay.
All was ecstasy.

Then, his fingers started slipping,
s l o w l y,
but surely.
I strained frantically,
sobbing and screaming simultaneously,
trying to maintain some hold on him —
And all the while,
he kept slackly slipping
further and further out of my grasp.

An eon later,
an eon of mind-numbing pain later,
the connection was severed;
And as I watched him fall away,
vision barred with gemlike teardrops,
it dawned on me:

He had never attempted to hang on.

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Hang On

Insecure Safety (Free Verse)

Is it safe within a safe?

Hey guys! So I’m sort of on a kick of incorporating emotion into my poetry recently, so here’s another ‘Free Verse’ poem that hopefully conveys an emotion through it… See if you can guess the emotion I was trying to convey. Enjoy reading!

In safe hands,
the diamond sits contentedly;
Placed into a vessel,
a sanctuary,

Protected from all harm.

Until the roof comes caving in,
Metal collapsing
under fierce assault,
and with a shattering tumult,
The diamond lies

within a safe.

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Verbs of Viciousness (Free Verse)

Fangs and claws on angelic faces…

Hey everyone! Today’s poem is written in Free Verse (see Goodbye (Free Verse)), and it’s slightly different to the poems I usually write. I’ve attempted to pour a lot more emotion into this one than I usually do, and I look forward to hearing what you guys think of this style of writing. Hope you enjoy!

They lounge on the grass with angelic faces —
Giggling —
Diamonds in the rough in their parents’ graces.

Moments later, fangs and claws emerge —
Teasing —
Rosy-cheeked devils, a terrifying scourge.

And the little girl in the corner, with the heart of a rose —
Sustaining —
Deliquesces into a black pool, where depravity flows.

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Goodbye (Free Verse)

Goodbye. Farewell. Godspeed.

Hey guys! ‘Free Verse’ is an extremely popular poetic form, which basically consists of non-metrical and non-rhyming lines, that closely follow the natural patterns of speech. I wrote this particular poem in the memory of a few close friends and mentors who are leaving for university this fall. Hope you enjoy!

Oh why?
Why must we say
The words that bring us drear
And harden the heart?

The bold sound of knells
Signifies the conclusion
Of amity and gaiety galore.

It plants the seed
Of heart-wrenching pain,
And doubt, and fear.

Until next time.
But during our climb
To the top of the world,
Will we really meet again?

Stay in touch.
But social media doesn’t help much —
We may remain virtually connected,
But we grow apart nonetheless.

Those two dreaded syllables
That instill such heartache
Are the bane of my existence.

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