Tick Tock

Tick tock.

Tick tock.
Tick tock.
Tick tock.

Seconds melt into each other,
Moments meshing together,
Until time becomes nothing
But a painting of colorful swirls
Splattered across the easel of life.

Time is fleeting,
As is life,
As are feelings,
As are people.

And before I know it,
You’re gone.


tick tock

Fiery Eyes

Your eyes are the key to everything.

Hey everyone! I can’t believe I haven’t uploaded in over a month… The workload of eleventh grade is outrageous! Anyway, here’s an attempt to finally end the drought of poetry. Hope you enjoy!

Your eyes are the key to everything.

Even in the midst of a battlefield,
bleeding from gashes all over,
so long as your eyes burn bright,
You prevail.

But the moment they lose their spark,
the instant their light burns out,
the second they show the hurt within,

The world has won.
And you have lost.

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Blazing Eyes

Past, Present, Future (Musette)

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift.” ~Eleanor Roosevelt

Hey everyone! Today’s form is the ‘Musette’, a short form that really makes you think about expressing your message as concisely yet effectively as possible. A ‘Musette’ consists of three tercets (stanzas of 3 lines), where the first and third lines of each stanza have 2 syllables each, and the second lines have 4 syllables each. The rhyme scheme for every stanza is a/b/a. Hope you enjoy my attempt!

The past
In its clutches
Traps fast.

Hopes only for

Future —
With dreams and life

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Unfair Despair (Rubliw)

“No fair!”…

Hey guys! The ‘Rubliw’ is a fun little poetic form composed of 9 lines written in ascending then descending iambic meter, with the first line in monometer increasing to the fifth line in pentameter, and then decreasing again. The poem is also written in ‘Monorhyme’ (see Stagelike Thrills (Monorhyme)). Hope you enjoy!

“No fair!”
We used to despair
And thrash around at the air
In the face of the most juvenile dare;
But we had merely stepped foot into the lair
Of a world where empathy is rare;
Here’s the truth (Hold in your tears):
Life is — Beware —

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Our Realm (Minute Poem)

I often wonder why we’re here…

Hey everyone! ‘Minute Poetry’ is a rhyming verse form consisting of 12 lines, typically divided into three quatrains. Each quatrain has a syllable breakdown of 8/4/4/4, leading to a total of 60 syllables in the poem. The rhyme scheme follows the pattern of rhyming couplets: aabb ccdd eeff. This poem was written in one of my ‘profound philosophical moments’. Hope you enjoy!

I often wonder why we’re here;
This realm of fear,
Of crime galore,
Rotten to-th’ core.

Perhaps it’s just a test — This life
Of constant strife,
Of dark mistrust,
Shrouded in dust.

Or perchance it’s all a mere ruse
Designed by Zeus
Purely for fun …
What has He done?

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Chess Come Alive


The instant the pieces are laid on the board,
A tangible tension fills the air;
The forces gather and stand in accord,
Silently muttering a quick prayer.

A moment later begins the game —
And an air of cruelty overcomes the kings,
Mighty sovereigns aiming only to maim
The opposing kingdom’s puppet strings.

The usual struggles of the fight commence;
Each side’s footmen march into the center,
The cavalry jumps out all ready to fence,
While the king stays put and acts as a mentor.

Slowly, gradually, the battle evolves,
As the major powers enter the heat,
And the kings hide before the game devolves
Within their castles — which is no small feat!

For, oftentimes, in the heat of the fray,
The armies gang up on the un-castled king
In perfect harmony — Not a piece is astray,
As the queen delivers checkmate — The final sting.

So the king plays it safe, and himself conceals,
As the all-powerful queen commands the field,
Deploying her forces to follow at her heels
As she mops up the foes and breaks through their shield.

The armies get thinner as the endgame nears,
And the kings begin to come out of their shells;
The infantry advances and gives three loud cheers
As one of its men crosses the board under knells

Signifying the transformation to come —
The soldier morphs into a grandiose queen;
And with a final advance to the beat of a drum,
The new queen yells “Checkmate!”… and still goes the scene.

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Save The King!

The End Is Just the Beginning

A poem about the imminent conclusion of the school year.

Hey guys! This poem was written in the spirit of the approaching end of the school year. Hope you enjoy!

With heavy hearts, yet open arms,
We greet the end of the school year;
We reminisce on the sublime charms
Of the school that we hold so dear:

From the numerous lessons passed
In the haven of the classroom,
To the glorious memories amassed
Of the bustle of hobbies in bloom.

But ’tis forsooth a trying time,
As we sorrowfully bid adieu
To divers of our partners in crime,
As they leave this genial milieu.

Cherish the memoirs, we always will,
The ones created within these walls;
We’ll strive to live up to the great skill
With which our idols have garnished these halls.

We wish the seniors all godspeed
As they embark on their journey;
One with success and fame guaranteed
As long as they toil in the world’s tourney.

And fortuitous are the rest of us —
We’ve got years before we depart;
Years to learn, and frolic, and fuss…
The end is merely the start.

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