Her Galaxy (Tanka)

Her eyes encompass a galaxy of their own…

Hey guys! I’ve been experiencing writer’s block recently, which is why I haven’t written poetry in so long. Here’s a ‘Tanka’ (See Intertwined Petals (Tanka)) I wrote that comes straight from the heart. Hope you enjoy!

Her eyes encompass

a galaxy of their own;

Chocolatey swirls,

flecked with raw emotion —

Profound pools of untold stories.

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Her Galaxy.jpg

Profound Thoughts

The barrage of thoughts that plague a teenager’s mind.

I started off as an innocent bystander,
Looking in at a world that worked fine,
But it wasn’t my world, I was certain,
And I was plagued with thoughts of: “Will mine?”

From debating to painting, writing to singing,
Everyone I knew had a passion they excelled at,
And though I was interested in every single field,
I thought: “How will I ever choose one from all that?”

I tried my hand in every domain,
And found amazing mentors to help me out,
And as I grew, inside and out,
I thought: “Would I be here them without?”

I continued this lark of juggling hobbies,
And eventually, genuine favorites emerged,
Public speaking and writing became my refuge…
“Have I truly found myself?” my thoughts urged.

Public speaking was one of those passions,
That excited and flustered you at the same time,
While the writing was an endless realm of peace…
And I thought: “Is this my world in its prime?”

Over time, I improved steadily and deliberately,
And I began receiving awards in my fields of choice,
But as I stood beaming on stages far and wide,
I thought: “Surely, I haven’t reached the time to rejoice?”

As the end of school loomed in the distance,
Coming one step closer with the passing of every day,
I began to look in at the real world of professions,
And I thought: “Will I excel there too, I pray?”

It dawned on me suddenly that I had come full-circle,
Once again a bystander in the game of life,
Looking in and hoping for a prosperous future,
And I thought: “Is there no end to this constant strife?

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